Friday, June 9, 2017

Sign up today for: The History Cafe: some A, B, Cs of history

Come, relax, and chat about American history. Retired history professor Jean Perry presents parts of history you may not have learned in school.

There will be a focus on women in history, but also other bits and pieces that make history fascinating, just like fascinating bits and pieces of conversation in a café.

Monday, June 12 @ 7 PM - A—Abigail Adams - David McCullough says she is the most honorable person in American history. She also has been called “another founder” of the USA, and she is one of the most interesting women of the colonial and federalist periods.
The Abolitionists - from the colonial period until the Civil War, many religious groups, and many women, were involved in trying to end slavery. Women who wished to speak out against slavery had to fight against the tradition that women were not to speak in public.

Tuesday, July 11 @ 7 PM - B - The Blackwells were a fascinating family of the 19th
century. They included abolitionists, women’s rights advocates, ministers, publishers and the first credentialed woman medical doctor in the U.S.
Beauty culture has been a subject of much controversy since the beginning of the country. Women have used homemade lotions and potions, and commercial products to enhance their appearance. Society has argued about how much emphasis should be put on looks and beauty, if any, and they’ve argued about what is beauty.

Tuesday, August 8 @ 7 PM- C - The appearance in Europe of cotton, calico, and chintz led to an increased slave trade, the Industrial revolution, ladies magazines and shopping malls! Women in Conservation ….and some fun. Patsy Cline, Rosemary Clooney, the Chiffons, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera - since the first woman soothed her baby with music, women have been entertaining and soothing the rest of us by crooning out a song.

To be continued in September!

All sessions will meet in Meeting Room A at Moorestown Library.


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