Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19: Meet the Staff Monday!

Meet Robin Guenther, the library's newest staff member!

How long have you worked at the library?
I have worked at the Moorestown Library since January 9.

What department are you in/what do you do?
My title is Young Adult Librarian. In addition to ordering books for the teen and young adult collections, I am responsible for programs for 4th graders and up.  The second Thursday of every month we are having "Crafternoons" from 4-5 pm and the last Thursday of every month we are having "Legos and Games" for kids of all ages.

What are your hobbies (or, what do you do when you're not at the library)?
When I am not at work I like to read and do puzzles; mostly word puzzles but also jigsaw puzzles. Occasionally, I get a sewing bug and whip up some clothes.  I also like to go thrift shopping.

What are your favorite books?
My favorite books - I don't know that I have any specific favorites.  I enjoy reading nonfiction and mysteries.  Right now I am reading a book about Lucretia Borgia and before that I read the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.

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