Thursday, April 15, 2010

Computer time

Your suggestion: "I would suggest that the recent time limit on computer use only apply to those under 18. I use the computer to find and apply for employment and with this limit, I am not allowed appropriate time to apply for a few jobs. As you know, the majority of jobs today refer the job seeker to fill out the online application. Or make the limit 2hrs with a waiting period of, say, 30 min to 1hr between to give another use."

Our answer: With the current economic climate, our computers are more heavily used than ever before. Both adult job seekers and students without internet access at home need library computers. Given the increased need for computers, we needed to decrease the maximum amount of time per user. Two hours seems to be an adequate amount of time for most users to accomplish what they need. Children under 18 have as much right to the computers as adults.

Online listening library

Your suggestion: I'd love it if you'd sign up for this online listening library. I'm looking for classical music.

Our answer: We'd love to sign up for it as well, but with the current budget situation it's not possible. Please see our homepage under "Library funding threatened" for more information.

Documentaries on serial killers

Your Suggestion: "You should have documentaries on serial killers so kids in this town can get their projects and papers written and done instead of having to drive around burlington county to find videos about cannibals and crazy goons"

Our answer: We do have a DVD entitled "The mind of a serial killer" that is a documentary about some of the most well know serial killers. If there are other materials you need, you can always ask us to request them through Interlibrary Loan.