Monday, July 21, 2008

New manga books for the graphic novel section

I think the library should get more manga for the graphic novel section because they stimulate your mind by using your left and right sides of your brain and the ones I'm requesting is Deathnote, Naruto vol. 29, 30, also Bleach, Dragonball and many more mangas. So I hope you get my suggestion because these novels are very cheap and not very high in price and I hope you get my request and than you for taking the time.

Our response:
Thank you for your interest! I always like to get suggestions from graphic novel fans, especially manga readers. We currently have a number of series on standing order, which means that we automatically get the new ones when they come out. Some of those series are Naruto, Fruits Basket, and InuYasha.

I will look into adding Bleach and Deathnote to our standing order list, as well as some other series. Please come talk to me if you have more suggestions!

Joanne Parra
Reference Librarian

Suggestion for purchase

The following title was suggested for purchase:

Victoria Hislop
The Return
Author's website:

Unfortunately, this book has not yet been published in the United States. It seems that it has been picked up by Harper Perennial Publishers, but they have not indicated when it will be published.

Joanne Parra
Reference Librarian

Children's program suggestions


I see you just did a show with Mr. Ray. How about a show with Miss Amy and also a show with Mr. Malcolm. Miss Amy is also a children's singer and Mr. Malcolm is a magition.

Our response:
Thank you for your suggestions for children's programming at the library.
While our program calendar has already been set for this summer, based on
your suggestions we have contacted both Miss Amy and Mr. Malcolm to gather
information about the types of performances they offer and the rates they
charge. We will include this information in our file of children's
performers and consider them for future programs.

Jennifer Dunne, Children's Librarian